Hemp vs. Marijuana They come from a similar plant, yet have some key differences

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While hemp and marijuana are very different, they share a lot in common. Both come from a plant species called Cannabis sativa. However, like many plants, the difference in “cultivar” or “strain” means a lot. Strain type determines everything from plant height to cannabinoid ratio to industrial applications. Over decades, these cultivars have been bred to possess specific, desirable traits. In recent history, breeders have been after the highest possible THC content. However, centuries ago,…

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Whole-plant Hemp and the Entourage Effect Classic pharmaceutical principles do not apply to cannabis products

Whole-plant Hemp and the Entourage Effect

As cannabis science continues to build substantiation, many companies are developing products that attempt to apply classic pharmaceutical principles to cannabis products. They figure that by separating a specific cannabinoid from the rest of the hemp plant, they can target treatment more accurately. Sounds logical, right? But in 2015, a team of researchers out of Israel published a watershed report that turned that logic upside down. The report indicates that isolated cannabinoids yield bell-curve results…

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